at least, by h●is destruction, to lead to a partition of his te●rritories, as had been effec▓

  • ted before in Poland.Russia thou


    ght little of▓ the then newly made Emperor● of France, Napoleon III., and he, on his pa▓rt, was by no means disinclined to adopt the Nap▓oleonic method, and to obtain securi▓ty for his throne by war abroad, and ●peace, with glory added, at home.E▓

    ngland, owing to the outcry of t

  • he “M▓anchester School,” had


    been rega▓rded as a quantité négligea▓ble then, as she has sometimes been s▓ince.The Czar hoped, at least, th●at the canker of the long peace had so ruste▓d her energies that she might protest, but would● do nothing more.But there were se●veral

    surprises for the autocrat, as h

  • Nullamlacus dui ipsum conseque loborttis

    is desce●ndant found also in 1877 to 187●8, before the wished-for end c▓ould be gained.Turks then, as later, prove▓d themselves somewhat stubborn ●fighters.To a man who believes ▓in Kismet, death has no real terrors, and th●ere is only his own per

    sonal ego,● only his own person

  • Nullamlacus dui ipsum conseque loborttis

    al nerve stre▓ngth, to deal with.The quantity is somew●hat difficult of determining, and its determin●ation marks the difference248 between t▓he brave man and the coward.Few know, or ▓can guess, the value of this personal equatio▓n until he is trie

    d.Sometimes, when t▓hat trial i


s made, it is too late ▓to be of future value. But● the T

urk tenaciously held his own in the ●valley of the Danube, and England and France dec●lared war.The real defeat of● Russia was not to be on pseudo-Turkish soil.Au▓stria intervened by mobilising a por●tion of her a

rmy, which therefore th▓reatened the Russian line of● retreat, and


in other ways paralysed her f●reedom of action.This “benevol●ent neutrality,” like all such actions w●hich are half-hearted, made bad blood.No one r▓ejoiced, privately, more than Russi▓a did when disaster befell Austria i▓n 1866.Said, three week

s after K▓niggratz, the governor of East Siberia●, who had received the news p


artly by te●legraph, partly by steamer down t●he Amoor, when asked why he

had ●rejoiced that “the Austrians h▓ad been gloriously defeated at● Sadowa,” “We have never forgotten or forg▓iven Austria’s benevolent neutrali

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